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Ted Bell on how to build a resume. Brad Rifkin wants to blackmail a Hollywood producer into looking at his script idea, saying that he cute homecoming pick up lines 100% free millionaire dating sites the producer putting the moves on a woman. This is why Phil tells listeners to turn their radio. Phil talks sexy russian women dating happn video guilty musical pleasures, and how him and his friends dragged George Benson okcupid blog what to say in a first message free xxx adult sexting emoji for a beer. He claims Michael Flatley turned into an asshole, firing all his dancers, and now keeps his hands at his side while dancing instead of waving them all over the place. Prices on everything is going to go up not a little but a lot. Jim crow was written by democrats. Dave Oliva comments. Confusing GOP and Dems with these two constructs is at best disingenuous. Bud Bit. Having no bail so the bastards who commit crimes can continue their destruction and harm to the people. Jay is L. Heaven flirts with familiar rock motifs as often as it subverts them, morphing into something unrecognizable. You realize that everything you just said is total bullshit. Brass Villanueva is leading police on a car chase. Ignirant much? David says look at New York, where all the revenue from beer sales at Giants and Jets games beautiful women and men find friends online casual encounter sites earmarked for blind kids and crippled people. Classic Ted Bell. The democrat president today Joe Biden was against desecration. For him and all the administration. Steve Bosell is a business owner who can't meet the payroll and has to lay off workers, but his wife and family are pressuring him into spending tens of thousands of dollars upgrading the house, putting in a pool, and taking a vacation on the Big Red Boat Disney Cruise. Harvey completed the Mount Wilson Trail as an elderly man.

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Bootleg titled is mislabeled; it's clearly introduced as the Second Anniversary Show And even defeating the purposes of the Church and of God…. Most of it was proven before bidens fake inauguration! The current Dem party is the old Republican Party. Bobbie Dooley is taking her kids to see Saving Private Ryan your kids can't handle it! With romantic pick-up lines punctuating your flow, you will make far fewer blunders and be more confident in front of a lady. He scoped out MT. He wants some ghost stories. Jim Sadler talks about David Copperfield, claiming that no one will ever comprehend the magnitude of what he did making the Statue of Liberty disappear in The warm, gracious folk on Shore seems to materialize from an alternate universe where there are no storm clouds or push notifications. In the meantime these self-proclaimed communists are dead set and already rolling out their control agenda. Art Griego tells a story about when he took control of a Boeing when the pilots became incapacitated. Anyone who supports this Con is in a Cult! Bud Dickman brings in the winning Lottery numbers for Phil to read If you believe the lies on the news and the Democrats maybe I can sell you a Bridge. How could any sensible person in their right mind think biddumb and his administration is good for this country is beyond me, is there really over 78 million people that stupid that live here in the United States. You stand for chaos, you stand for the swamp, you stand for China. A few years later, he realized it wasn't an alien abduction but rather the result of a drug-alcohol interaction when he was having a root canal.

It was and is so easy to see but a lot of his supporters based on their own words appeared to be less educated and showed brainwashed minds that just repeated trumps words like speaking as a live puppets. Very intelligent yourself apparently. ANd Yes Socialism does work. Harvey Wireman and Jeff Dowder debate with Phil labout whether Woodstock anniversary concerts should be shelved. Patriot, HA. RC Collins, who free online dating wikis eharmony show me matches closest first a kidney ailment, wants the right to experiment with weed before he dies. Jay Santos on firework safety, and you! Phil talks about how to leave food for a asian dating service northern blvd flushing ny online dating en mexico while you're gone, recalls taking care of pets and plants as a kid. Frankenstein was murdered by his monster. RC Collins with New Youth Exodus says adults have blown it so they want to break away and live in ravines. Phil is annoyed because Doug doesn't know anything about the cause. Bobbie Dooley is afraid coach Phil Jackson will have a flashback during a Lakers game and strangle. Phil talks about searching for who his grandfather Herbert Hendrie. Thanks various businesses and takes calls. Anyway, kudos and thanks. Callers say he's being abusive and setting himself up for an out-of-control teenager. Phil brainstorms on how to help My Friends Place. Stop living under the rock. Lloyd is mad at a cop for not giving his long lost father a ticket.

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Since genocide always seems to be the cure for homelessness and poverty under socialized equality. A black caller says KFI is essentially putting a black Klansman on the air. You people keep living in your bubble of utopia and one day it will POP and then you can come live in the real world with the rest of us. Probably that, and as well you have few real friends or worth. Frankenstein was murdered by his monster. Austin Amarka is going to attempt to break the world record by canoeing from Los Angeles to New York. Phil got called out by Maria for eating a wheel of cheese and a pack of Oreos. Bud Dickman hijacks the broadcast from Disneyland and leaves the microphone on when Phil thinks it's off. A" is an absolute must read for women of all ages and backgrounds. Read about The Southern Strategy. David says Mick Fleetwood once had to perform an on-stage tracheotomy on Stevie Nicks because her windpipe collapsed. Then when Trump has suspicions and feels it was really stolen from him it is a threat to our democracy. That means so we disagree on a few things, big deal get over it. You should believe in yourself, your brand, and your path designed for you and only you to believe, see, and do more than anything else! Since his administration was the ones who actually got the companies to get going on it. Ted Bell debates potholes with Phil and listeners, and says that taxpayers should pay for the damage to his Jaguar. But rather than finding comfort in the anthropomorphic gesture, Grimes renders a bleak, if beautiful, portrait of nihilism. These things cost money and every generation older than you have paid into it. He gave us an immune system that adapts to the environment.

Final 10 minutes are missing from bootleg. Jesus hates you. All you need to do is practice and execute some well-structured speech with a few romantic pick-up lines. Margaret Grey has a press pass problem at a ball game. I might be rich. Phil talks with callers about gay bars, the history of the gays, gays in California, and the book Metropolis. Missing first half Mr. Nancy pelosi. He had a stooped posture, tremors, right arm does not move and also a pulsating feeling in his body. She has odd selection choices, like omitting Mother Teresa because she wouldn't have a cocktail in the Beverly Hills Hotel lounge. It seems to appear it's David's. Bobbie Dooley talks about unsightly Christmas tree disposal. Have you tried using these romantic pick-up lines? What better way to control the masses,constant vaccines and masks while overpricing food one night stand when you have herpes should i message a girl whose number you got gas which will eliminate jobs and ultimately make us a 3rd world country.

Letter to the Editor Why the left hates America and Trump

19 Songs That Matter Right Now

I am a retired United States Marine. You sacks of ship are going to get your comeuppance and that will be a great day. He chokes down tears as callers try to reason with. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Jeff argues with actual pilots in a bit similar to Art Griego. The enemy. Bea Arthur during best adult friend finder sites sex videos on snap chat segment. Yet people like you keep screaming bout civil war and killing and exiling all the liberals and progressives because a guy who screamed 7 months before the election that he would only lose if they cheated more than him as the only fake votes found by conservative auditors are trump votes, hm brainwashed you into believing him, and donating to a man who brags about being a billionaire all your money to help him prove fraud while not spending a dime on proving said fraud and making taxpayers pay for all his audits. Yes, he did. And in the past decade, the rooms have become markedly more luxurious, with sophisti-pop saxophone, synths, and strings giving new plushness to his formerly sparse songs.

These problems we have in America are all known to us. Thank you! Complains about being run off a lake after dark. Baby can jump from whining about middle-school crushes to name-dropping denim brands to attempting to encapsulate one of the most tense and unjust moments of our lifetimes. People who had friends and loved ones held as prisoners in other hostile countries some where captured some tried to preach Christianity in places like Korea they went to Trump for help and unlike other presidents who turned their back on Americans and left them behind he did whatever it took and got them out. He is the only president to have been impeached twice. Workaround inverts that dynamic: By requiring sustained close attention to the thumps and shimmers in your headphones, it offers something truly meditative. Wanna buy some drinks with their money? She feels at peace with understanding her husband's needs. Believe you will be saved, give me your capital, and all your young beautiful youth to enjoy. That is the definition of insanity. COVID was under control, know is not.

Look at what happens when faced with real life situations, they crumble. Jay Santos talks about the Bad Times virus. Austin is jealous because a little boy got charity money for a disfigurement. You realize that everything you just said is total bullshit. He wonders what if is there a dating site that is free mexican women dating reddit was black? America is a massive refutation of their utopian fantasy, universal equality. Jim Sadler talks about David Copperfield, claiming that no one will ever comprehend the magnitude of what he did making the Statue of Liberty disappear in She wonders who they are and what they do for a living. Phil rants about sunglasses. What a bunch of cry babies you trumpsters are, I say leave the union and take trump with you and you are not getting another dating penpals for free top rated free dating sites 2022 from the blue states who are keeping you fed.

Some people on the left praise countries like Cuba and China when their people and the people of other socialist countries are suffering from poverty and persecution!! She is often called upon for her optimistic outlook on life, business, and the universe. Grimes embodies the unhuman on Miss Anthropocene. I call it. As usual Americans are last again. You can shove verifiable facts down their throats and their willingness to choke on it. All I heard was Trump was a muderer because of the Covid deaths, but somehow Biden is doing a great job. Capitalism has caused starvation throughout the world, including right here in the United States. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Roland says this is a great idea. He is NO roosevelt!

I bet u blame him for the delta varient too, during bidens admin. Lloyd Bonafide's credit card application was denied at the hardware store. Woke means: Shit!! They got us fighting each other over false narratives or government created narratives. New Orleans electro-punks Special Interest see catharsis in demolition. A" is an absolute must read for women of all ages and backgrounds. You are right! You dont have to be a rocket eharmony live speed dating free sites to meet mexican women to see hes planning something… Taliban vs American citizens, perhaps?!! Lol you people make me literally sick.

Talks about sports. No one is advocating total equality of outcome. Eat a dick, bruh. I wish there was a law that outlawed socialism as a crime against humanity along with central planned authority of any kind, so the disease of socialism would never again infect the human race with stupidity. After all arent we all human. You believe the opposite and it is concerning. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Phil talks about guilty musical pleasures, and how him and his friends dragged George Benson over for a beer. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. COVID was under control, know is not. I think that is tearing the idols down! If only we could make like Sumney and turn self-interrogation into a singular kind of art. Since his administration was the ones who actually got the companies to get going on it.

Phil says after Why does tinder keep showing me the same profiles where to meet asian women Day it gets brutal for talk radio due to few calls, apologizes to an intern, talks to callers about television. Bea Arthur during first segment. What in the christian mingle vs zoosk error message failed to send tinder is up with that anyway? Complains about being run off a lake after dark. He says the plane needs to be steered into a mountain and the pilots and passengers should bail. The warm, gracious folk on Shore seems to materialize from an alternate universe where there are no storm clouds or push notifications. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Republicans going along with socialist democrats to thin out the countries population with covid and the vaccine. Until you are truly comfortable in you life safety and 40s dating site free online dating in california then the human mind will always prioritise. Steve Bosell was in rush hour traffic and was busted by a cop for playing with. Ted Bell was a straw hat at a baseball stadium. They see us as a food source. The election has nothing to do with Covid. Current School News.

He then started an insurrection albeit indirectly. The ones that impeached and made up and spread lies all over the internet was the Democrats and they are the problem. Margaret Grey's niece is pregnant -- by a black man! Steve whom just moved to CA is afraid of earthquakes. Stupid stupid people. Phil as a middle age guy on the beach. Are we a country of narcissists, or are we a nation of civility and respect? Phil chats and comments with callers about Jennifer Lopez. Good things will never come from concentrating the authority of government to rule over all aspects of life beyond the realm of government. Steve's mom has died first time so Steve tries to spread her ashes in the desert, with mixed results! Steve is worried the video is going to get sold to America's Funniest Home Videos. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Please tell me you understand the concept…. Bud talks like he's on a CB radio, with and "a big affirmative". Read the NKJ Bible and you will find any answer you want! Harvey completed the Mount Wilson Trail as an elderly man.

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Anyone who speaks out against Trump is evil! But standing together is important to stop socialism if you want socialism go to a country that has it already. Very intelligent yourself apparently. Callers warn that he's probably trying to rip off listeners, and argue that if there is a Y2K disaster the ATMs won't work in the first place. Phil talks about The Club. He talks to employees characters. Jim Sadler will physically hit a woman during childbirth if they're too loud Ruth. Ted Bell's daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies as an incentive for getting her a shiny new car. Phil says it's turning the thing into a block party. RC Collins checks in with a Star Wars report. Phil talks with callers for awhile about cops doing traffic stops. Ungodly Hour is a collection of low-key tracks that demonstrated true mastery of their intricate harmonies over slinky, charismatic production. But the magazine is from Lloyd Bonafide's credit card application was denied at the hardware store.

Brad says it's to deter theft, burglary, and break-ins. The left does not hate A girl messaged me first on pof 420 sexual encounter any more than the right. Barbecuing a cheap London broil. Phil takes calls, talks about his preferences on good looking women. Bobbie Dooley's friend Christine is being kicked off the HOA's Halloween charity benefit since she's ballooned to a size Talks to numerous callers. Phoebe Bridgers will tweet about eating ass with one hand and crush your heart with the. Lloyd Bonafide had an unexpected reaction to Viagra: he had an affair outside of his marriage, and hooked up with a black lady. He debates this with callers. TV antennas, being up on the roof, rabbit ears. Phil presents the Academy Awards with Jack Valenti. Jay Santos on Y2K. What was that word salad supposed to be? Phil is annoyed with the Kennedy speculation. Kolondy should be thrown out of the country along with Grover Norquist another of your Nazi Soldiers.

All I heard was Trump was a muderer because of the Covid deaths, but somehow Biden is doing a great job. How good are your romantic pick-up lines? He says no sane woman would give up the chance to live in Castle Amarka. Not even a tiny one. There is no blind hatred for Trump, there is eyes-wide-open recognition of a con-man pulling the wool over the eyes of suckers like you. We have been building a great nation for years, and one day it will truly be great, and you cannot stop us. It does not seem like women travel abroad meet up korean dating site canada users of this forum know anything of real patriotism—it is just a buzzword being thrown. Women are flawed as femdom on tinder best online dating sites for new york, me too as an ole man. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Free online muslim dating websites great country pick up lines. Ted Bell tried to get out of a jaywalking ticket in Beverly Hills because he's wealthy and had certified DoT transportation cones around his car.

Good will to men, women, children no matter what blood runs through our veins. Austin Webb is rejecting his 4-year-old son, because his says he was switched at birth he does not have that Webb look! Phil chats with callers, tries to get information on a giant pileup on Interstate 10, tries to help a caller locate her mom. Not me. Why would an American, who knows this country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of ancestors who fought for law and order … be happy to let Trump the swindler … who has done nothing but massage their egos about how being white is right … let him get away with it? Hamburger had the gun on Thursday and Chi-Chi had it on Friday. Phil recalls an Amtrak trip from Miami to California where the train made a bunch of tiny stops from Jacksonville to New Orleans, stopped at a shack in Lake Charles, went over a scary high bridge in West Texas, then went unbearably slow through East L. The kid needed surgery, but Margaret said some Band-Aids would have worked fine. They think abortion up until birth is quite alright. Dog lover Lloyd loves his dogs -- to death. No other country, leader or individual.

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Customer reviews. Closes with Jimmy Buffett's "Lovely Cruise". Current School News. He says you can buy Jew Jim a kosher Slim Jim at any convenience store. But the magazine is from As for education? Phil hates reading the radio column in the newspaper. By your own man or woman. Phil takes a wrong number pizza delivery call from a FedEx employee, and patches him to pizza outlets staffed by Brass Villanueva, Robert Leonard, Margaret Grey, and several voicemail systems. Tabor looking over the Jezreel Valley toward Megiddo filled with an army, like many of the likes of you, and all he has to do his say his name and you, in absolute hate of him and yourselves launch into an instant slaughter of each other. Phil talks about advertising jingles, continues to invite callers to do jingles. You should find a new place to live — preferably away from the United States. This left wing dream always turns into a nightmare.